How to Incentivise Homework For Your Children.

How to Incentivise Homework For Your Children.

Through this Covid season, all of us have been cooped up in our homes, with very little exposure to the outside world. Because of this, many of us feel lethargic, bored and even uninterested in our work. 

Our children are feeling the heat of the situation with much more intensity. They are at a time where being around friends, teachers and engaging in activities are the norm. With brief interaction with friends, relatives and socialising, they may find it incredibly difficult to focus on schoolwork, assignments and homework.   

So how can we incentivise children into completing their homework in these times?

Read on to find out some excellent ways to incentivise your children below. 

  • Draft a Timetable: Always schedule a slot for each activity in your child’s life. Make a fixed time for homework every day, and stick to it. Though this might not always be possible with children, creating a schedule is always better than putting off homework endlessly. 


  • Create a Study Spot: This is probably the most important point when thinking about ways to make your child do their homework. Find a spot away from T.V, and outside disturbances so that they can focus on the work at hand than being distracted by programmes on the T.V and noise from roads, etc. 


  • Form a Habit: We barely think about waking up in the morning, brushing our teeth, taking a bath, or having breakfast. Why? Well, because we have made it a habit to do so. Similarly, form a habit of your children doing their homework by enabling them to do it over and over. This reinforces the habit easily. 


  • Don’t Procrastinate: Procrastinating can be a deadly sin. A lot of children will want to keep the homework for the night. Do not let them procrastinate, as, at night, children are bound to lose energy levels and feel sleepy after a day of classes and other activities. Keeping it away for the night might eventually postpone it to the next day, leading to a pile of work and a demotivated child. 


  •  Have All the Required Items in Hand: Ensure that your child will not want anything during their homework time slot. Frequently getting up from the spot for stationary books, adjusting air conditioning etc., can affect the flow of work and disrupt their precious study time. 


  • Motivate Them: Parents are the first teachers of children, and it is your responsibility to inculcate the habit of hard work to them by motivating them with stories of great achievers, eminent personalities, etc. You can link their work with fairy tales, films, their favourite superheroes, etc. 


  • Assist Them: Most of you are working from home this season. Sit along with your child, and motivate them by telling them you are doing your homework. This way, you can also assist them if any doubts arise on their part. 


  • Give Them Confidence: Being low on confidence can be one reason children may be lethargic and averse to doing work. You can tell them stories and motivate them by describing their future. 


Above and beyond this, the institution that imparts holistic education to your precious ones plays a very important role in energizing and motivating them to achieve greater heights. This is exactly what Alif Global School, the best international school in calicut, has done. 

Follow these tips to incentivise homework and help your children in this tough Covid season.

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