The importance of reading books and why you should promote reading to your children.

The importance of reading books and why you should promote reading to your children.

Reading books can be one of the best experiences in life. Reading enriches our experiences and helps us grow our creativity, drawing us into an entirely different world. Reading also helps improve attention and grasp story arcs, exciting children, and instilling in them a feeling of achievement. 

Another critical factor is the improvement in cognitive thinking reading can help improve in young ones.

Read on to find out some great reasons to promote reading habits in your children

  • Improved Language Skills: A recent brain scan study concluded that “reading at home with children from an early age was strongly correlated with brain activation in areas connected with visual imagery and understanding the meaning of language”. This puts your kids at an advantage and enables them to learn subjects and language with ease. Most children do not possess sufficient proficiency in language at the end of Kindergarten, which can be attributed to the lack of reading habits in children. 


  • Academic Success: Five reading skills are imperative to a child’s success. These are Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, and Fluency. While they won’t excel at these at a very young age, reading can help make them understand how these skills work and set them up for success in the world of formal education.  


  • Bonding With Your Child: Reading is just like playing games, engaging in sports etc. Reading to your children helps in forming a unique bond with your child. Setting a time every day for reading makes them look forward to this time and helps them open up to you and carry these memories with them throughout life. 


  • Increased Concentration and Discipline: Reading is very engaging, and sometimes, even if one is tired, the thrill of reading to the climax increases focus and teaches discipline. The want to read a work of art improves concentration and discipline, which is an asset for a child’s future. 


  • Improved Imagination and Creativity: What’s the one thing that reading a book gives you? Imagination, of course! The single biggest asset that reading provides you is thinking big and letting thoughts fly, unrestrained. These imaginations are the most significant factors in awarding scientists and artists to our country. 

Now that you know how reading helps your children and why it is imperative for your children to read, it is essential to enrol them in a school that stimulates their imaginations and creativity just like a good book would. 

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