The Right Food for Kids During COVID Times

The Right Food for Kids During COVID Times

What’s the single most important thing during these times?

A pandemic is raging across the world and the most important point to remember in these trying times is to keep ourselves healthy. The key to being healthy lies in the diet we follow. Like how the fuel impacts our cars, we put in, our food heavily impacts our body. Good food brightens our mood and improves immunity, while unhealthy junk food can dampen our spirits and decrease our immunity, making us prone to diseases. 

Now that we are facing an impending 3rd wave in our country, here are some ways you can revamp your diet and gain protection from COVID.   

Remove Junk Food From Your Diet:Avoid coloured food, Processed food, ready-made food items, food with artificial preservatives etc. High quantities of sugar, and chemicals in these items, will affect kids badly and dampen immunity. Instead, prepare fresh juices and promote eating more fruits. 

Include Vegetables:It is a tough task, but including veggies in your kids’ diets improves vitamin and mineral consumption and supplies their developing bodies with the required materials. Vitamin-C is essential in the fight against infections, so include Vitamin-C rich food. Milk and Milk products are also beneficial to kids to boost their bone strength. Also, remember to add salt and turmeric to veggies and fruits to remove remnants of chemicals and pesticides. 

Freshly Prepared Food:Avoid refrigerated food as much as you can. Reheating food during these times is not advisable and can adversely impact your child. Instead, Cook curries and rotis fresh and serve to your kids. Also, take care to avoid restaurant food. This reduces the chances of contracting the virus and endangering their health. 

Create a Proper Schedule: Fixing and sticking to a schedule is perhaps the most important aspect of adhering to a dietary regime during COVID. Fix a proper time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and persuade your kids to eat their meals with you. This can be a time to bond, talk, get together as a family, and improve digestion in kids. In addition, this helps assimilate more minerals and vitamins in their developmental stages. 

These are some of the best dietary habits that can keep you and your young ones safe this COVID season. Follow Alif Global School, the Best international school in Kerala

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