Alif Global School offers an integrated CBSE curriculum, thereby providing the students with the choice of CBSE or IGCSE for their secondary certification. We assure the quality implementation of our curriculum by providing continuous professional advancement programs to our scholars and faculties. Our panel of Academic Council, the highest authority in academics and education policies, advises and evaluates the performance of our teachers to ensure continuous improvement in the quality of teaching and to sustain quality delivery.

Courses Offered

Elementary School

In the elementary section at ALIF, every child will embark on an educational adventure as they discover the world around them. Their inquiry and exploration will take place in a caring and supportive environment, optimal for learning, self-discovery, and awareness.


The middle school years, Grades 6 to 8 at ALIF will provide an exciting transition from elementary school. In middle school, students will enjoy a warm, nurturing and supportive environment where they are encouraged to take guided and increased responsibility for their learning

High School

High school is a place where students have the opportunity to define new goals, and a place where they can pursue their talents and passions as they prepare for graduation.

Alif Primary Programme

The Alif Primary Program is a world-class curriculum that develops learner’s LSRW skills in English, critical thinking and quantitative reasoning in Mathematics and observing ,communicating , inferring and predicting skills in Science. It enables educators to evaluate children’s learning

Alif Administration Commits to

  • Provide A Safe, Secure Campus For All Students, Faculty, And Staff
  • Provide Rich Learning Opportunities For Students Inside And Outside The Classroom
  • Continually Focus On The Development And Growth Of Individuals
  • Research Best Practices In An Effort To Meet The Changing Needs Of The Students, Faculty, And Community
  • Provide Opportunities For Students To Learn Personal Growth Through Goal Setting And Action Planning
  • Support Teachers In Professional Growth Throughout Their Career
  • Create An Atmosphere Of Trust And Loyalty
  • Partner With Families In Developing Productive, Successful Young Adults
  • Prepare Students To Be Successful For The Future Of Their Choice