The mission of the Alif Residence project is to develop an inclusive community that engages students from different cultures and believes in a secure and well-maintained environment. It provides spaces where students gather to passionately talk about what they have learned, what they aspire and what they love. By fostering a sense of belonging that supports the overall academic goals, Alif Residence provides a homely experience to inmates with luxurious apartments and round the clock services. The fully furnished rooms in the residence provide an amiable atmosphere and pollution-free environment, conducive to the spiritual, physical and mental development of children and help them become self-reliant.

At Alif Global School, we prioritize the holistic development of our students, nurturing their spiritual well-being alongside their academic pursuits. Our Islamic Moral Department plays a pivotal role in this endeavor, offering two dedicated hours each day to focus on the practical elements of Islam.
Each classroom is blessed with a dedicated mentor who provides tharbiya (mentorship) to guide and inspire every student on their spiritual journey. Knowledge City, where our school situated is renowned for its spiritual values and is home to one of the largest mosques in Asia, creating an environment conducive to spiritual growth.
Our students actively participate in various pious programs, including International Meelad Conference at Jamiul Futhuh, where scholars from different parts of the world converge to share knowledge and insights. Daily rituals such as chanting sessions, recitations, and supervised prayers at the correct times further enhance the spiritual well-being of our students.

Early Childhood Care and Education LearnActiv is a specially designed ECCE programme from the house of Excelsoft Technologies, a global e-learning company with over 2 Decades of experience in the Ed-tech. With LearnActiv, we bring to the parents an opportunity to help their preschoolers acquire the required skills through activity-based learning to become independent and confident learners.
We have also integrated Alif ZeeQue Plus with ECCE, focusing on skill acquisition through real life replica. AZQ+ enables students to learn Qur’an and practice adkar in day today life.

Set on a 2,61,360 sqft parcel of land, AGS campus provides students with facilities that include state-of-the -art classrooms, academic facilities, prayer halls, libraries, a botanical garden, labs, spacious indoor and outdoor sporting facilities, and playgrounds.

The co-curricular programs at AGS extend learning beyond the classroom. They give students many avenues to explore, practice, develop, and demonstrate new attitudes and life skills. They also give students the opportunity to become independent as well as interdependent in a variety of contexts.

The Physical Education program at AGS uses a wide range of activities; athletics, self-defense, games, gymnastics, swimming, outdoor sports and team sports, to help students develop their motor skills and spatial awareness. Our indoor games cover volley ball/ basket ball courts, tennis court etc. trained by highly qualified coaches.

Children learn in different ways. Some learners are visual, others learn through touch, some prefer to listen in order to learn and understand effectively. Alif Global School’s curriculum design implements the Universal Design of Learning to give all children the opportunity to learn in their own unique ways.

At AGS Campus, our commitment to student well-being extends beyond the classroom, and our transport facility reflects this dedication. We aim to provide a secure and convenient commuting option, allowing students to focus on their studies and enjoy a seamless academic journey.

We believe that physical activity is an integral part of a holistic education. Our sports facilities and programs are designed to foster teamwork, leadership, and a healthy lifestyle.

AGS Campus is committed to embracing technology to enrich the learning experience. Our digitalized library reflects this commitment by providing a seamless blend of traditional and digital resources, ensuring that our students have access to the tools they need for academic success.