Exciting Indoor Activities to Engage Children this Covid Season

Exciting Indoor Activities to Engage Children this Covid Season

The pandemic has cooped us up in our homes for the better part of 2 years because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Be it our work or our child’s schoolwork, Work From Home has become the new normal. 

This also presents a new problem for us.Just like we are often distracted from work, our little ones may lose focus watching T.V, Playing Video Games, Browsing the Internet or simply Whiling Away Time. Whiling away time can be detrimental to the minds of children and hamper their mental development. Therefore, we ought to engage them in exciting activities that force cognitive thinking and problem solving than let them sit in front of a screen. 

Here are some fantastic Indoor Activities to Engage Children from Alif Global School: 

  • Art Work: Children love the world of colours. From rainbows to the sea, everything with colour intrigues them. Tap into this and teach them drawing and painting. However, accompany them in their projects, as a painting might get messy, only taking a little time to paint the walls! 


  • Reading: If there is one activity that all great achievers in the world swear by, it’s reading. The habit of reading is imperative in the moulding of outstanding personalities. We can learn a lot by reading outstanding personalities’ accounts while also improving vocabulary and command over the language. 


  • Cooking: All of us have to live alone in our lives. Be it in a college hostel or a solo life when just starting work and on a budget, cooking can be a lifesaver. It is not a luxury or a bonus in life anymore, but an absolute necessity. Cooking can also be a great way to bond with your children and teach them family recipes. 


  • Games: Though children cannot play extensive games like cricket, football, Basketball etc., during these restrictive times, we can engage them in games like Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom etc. These games can keep your child away from T.V’s and help them in cognitive thinking while also being an outlet for pent up energy. 


  • Garden Farming: We are now facing an immense problem with pesticide infected vegetables and fruits in the market. We can solve this problem to a vast extent by having a small garden farm just outside your kitchen. Children also find it extremely interesting to water plants, understand soil and learn about photosynthesis, etc. 


  • Puzzles: All of us have a detective in our minds, inquisitive about solving problems and finding secrets. This inquisitive part of a child is exactly what we tap into when giving them puzzles to solve. Forced to solve the puzzle to get the answer, we persuade children to engage in cognitive thinking and out of the box ideas. This can be yet another great way to keep children engaged for a long day. 

These are some incredible ways to keep your children engaged and improve their problem-solving skills. Apart from this, the teachers at your children’s school play an important role in moulding children and engaging them with schoolwork. This is exactly your precious experience at Alif Global School, the best international school in Calicut. Feel the difference today!


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